100 word stories

I like to write 100 word stories, they are a nice little challenge. Sometimes a story will come to mind while I lay awake in bed and I will have to get up and get the story written as quickly as possible. Sometimes a story happens right before my eyes while I am sitting in a restaurant or walking on the street. Sometimes I will write a 100 word story to get my mind focused for a larger project…or a smaller one.

The Entrance

They approached the rain blurred glass door. He pulled it open and she smiled thank you and passed. They stood in line pleasantly chatting with one another. His hands shoved partway in the pockets of his clean, faded jeans. Her arms folded across her colorful pull over shirt. They placed their order. He glanced at her as he moved to an open table. She was looking at him at the same moment. He turned her chair slightly toward his. She looked into his eyes and sat while he adjusted her chair. They chirped and smiled at one another.


I had a classmate in the 1970’s that I was jealous of. His hair was long and straight while mine was curly. My long hair didn’t look as nice as his. He wore his hair proudly and smiled like he knew something others didn’t. Turns out his father was bald and by the age of forty he was bald too. My father, on the other hand had a full head of hair as did my mother’s father. My hair is nice now, long and straight, just like I’d wished it was in high school. Now bald is in style.

A Dream

I woke up from a dream last night. In my dream I was packing my truck to go on a journey. My girlfriend was in the dream and she cheerfully helped me pack. She stood in the door of our house and waved and smiled as I drove away. The sense of the dream was that I was leaving my girlfriend for a rendezvous. When I arrived at my destination I honked the horn on my truck. The front door opened and my girlfriend walked out to meet me. We both had big smiles. We giggled and hugged.