I’m just a dude! I’m doin’ the best I can, just like everyone else.

Beach Craig
My cool shoes

I’m glad you stopped by. I created this page to share some of my writing and music. I’m making this up as I go along so if you find the site is down or under construction it’s probably because I’m tinkering with it. Creating a website is a cool experiment for me and something I never thought I would do.

I created everything here; short stories, super short stories, poetry, and music are what I love to do the most. I also draw with charcoal and you will find some of those drawings here. I hope you have something that you love to do and you do it as often as possible.  

You can find more of my work at the following locations: 

  • Look for me on Instagram
  • My book, Shadows of Inanimate Objects is for sale on Amazon
  • email me at craig@craigshocklee.com

I’m just like everyone, I’m trying to squeeze some life in between work and responsibilities. I would consider this website a great accomplishment it inspired others to find and do something they enjoy.

Thanks for stopping in. I know you have a lot of options for entertaining yourself so I appreciate you taking some time to look at how I entertain myself.